ISAGA Summer Schools (ISS)

ISAGA Summer School’s mission is bringing the knowledge and practice of the simulation gaming to the community. In over 25 years, ISS were visited by many scholars and practitioners looking for high quality knowledge on game design and game-based research.

ISAGA Summer School 2024,
July , 1-5, CDU Sydney, Australia

On Educational skills and knowledge / Evaluation of simulations and games and assessment of them for Research


 Registrations are now open. Early Bird until May 1.

Participants in the ISAGA Summer School 2024 will explore topics relevant to developing skills as simulation/games designers and users, and will address these learning goals:

  • How to design simulations and games that can be used/reused (frame games) 
  • How to provide effective instructions for both novice and expert users
  • Understanding and being able to employ the basic skill set for effective facilitation of simulations and games both online and face-to-face, and how to build personalised skill development plans, 
  • How to integrate research strategies into ongoing use of simulations and games
  • How to identify research topics to align with specific contextual research goals

The Summer School combines first-hand experiences of simulations and games, with theoretical analysis and in-depth discussion of key issues in the field of simulations and games as educational tools and strategies. It has evolved as a collaborative, invigorating, and rewarding space for personal skill development, launching of new research projects, support for innovative and challenging uses of simulations and games and a time to expand networks and writing partnerships. A social program included is included in the week’s activities.

Who should come?
  • Educators using simulations and games for learning in all levels of education
  • PhD candidates and students either employing simulation for research or researching the design and use of simulations and games
  • Simulations and games designers wanting to expand their repertoire of design concepts
  • Researchers using – or considering the use of – simulations and/or games as research methods or tools.
  • The number of participants in previous Summer Schools has ranged from 20 to 50 and the number of expert staff is aligned with the number of participants.
Learning Themes
Educational skills and knowledge

Depending on participants’ previous experience, novices and experts will work on relevant topics in suitable groupings and share their understanding and discoveries collaboratively.

Evaluation of simulations and games and assessment of them for Research

Participants interests shape choices regard to time spent on assessment and/or evaluation of learning gained from simulations and games and their usages for research purposes.

Sharing knowledge and skills

The results of each afternoon’s activities will be shared via engagement in relevant games and simulations, and impromptu lectures and discussions. A social program will support a friendly and collaborative atmosphere throughout the week.

Our 2024 Hosts

In 2024 the Summer School is hosted jointly by the Sydney campus of Charles Darwin University, Simulation Australasia, and ISAGA


Local Staff Dr Cat Kutay – CDU; Dr Elyssebeth Leigh – UTS

International Staff

International Staff who have indicated an interest in contributing to the 2024 Summer School – either in person or via online links – include Maria Freese, Birgit Zuern, Friedrich Trautwein and Marieke de Wijse-van Heeswijk.

ISAGA Summer School 2023, June , 26-30, Warsaw

Date 2023: 26th-30th June 2023
Location: Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland
ISS Chair: Dr Marcin Wardaszko and Prof. Ryoju “Roy” Hamada, Ph.D.

Theme: Simulation game design and research for complexity dissemination

The ISS program this year featured two tracks. The first track was simulation games track and dedicated to game and course design. The second track was game-based research and dedicated to design of the research with and around simulation games. Thanks a lot to Marcin and the whole team of organisers and lecturers!

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History / Former Summer Schools

In September 2022, the ISAGA Summer School was held in Stuttgart, Germany on Evaluation and Research in gaming. The report can be found here: