Logo of ISAGA

ISAGA stands for International Simulation And Gaming Association. It is an international organization for students, teachers, trainers, researchers, practitioners, and other professionals involved in the domain of gaming and simulation. Members of the association cover a vast knowledge and scientific tradition in designing, facilitating, promoting, and using simulations, games, and related methods. We share our knowledge during the annual conferences, webinars, networks, and summer schools. ISAGA is connected with different saga’s around the world.

Our Aims

Our Aims

Promote gaming simulation methods, including research consulting, learning, and teaching methods, such as traditional business and management simulation games, policy exercises, computer simulations and computer-supported simulation games, role play, learning games, scenarios, dynamic case studies, experiential learning activities, business-theatre, etc.

Member Network

Every community lives with and through its members. More information:
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Executive Board

The Executive Board of ISAGA is charged with the management of the Association. Here, you find more information.