Advisory Council / Honorary Members

The Advisory Council represents the different views on and approaches in the field of simulation and gaming in terms of regions, disciplines, approaches, and types of simulation and gaming. (See here No. 4)

There are four types of members in the Advisory Council:

  • Honorary members
    Our honorary members are (Status 07-2023):
    – Crookall, David
    – Klabbers, Jan H.G.
    – Leigh, Elyssebeth
    – Peters, Vincent
    – Rizzi, Paola
    – Teach, Richard
    – Tsuchiya, Shigehisa
  • Conference organizers
    The next year’s conference organizer automatically becomes member of the Advisory Council and stays a member for three years; in the second year of his membership of the Advisory Council he serves as President.
    We currently have as Conference organizers:
    – Heide Lukosch (for 2024 Conference)
    – Nicolas Becu (for 2023 Conference) – President
    – Casper Harteveld (for 2022 Conference)
  • Elected members
    Up to six members of the Advisory Council can be elected directly by the members of the General Meeting. There is no one at the moment.
  • Appointed members
    Up to six members of the Advisory Council can be appointed by affiliated organizations. These members must be ISAGA members; if not, these appointed persons immediately have to register as a ISAGA member in order to serve. The number of appointed members must always be less than or equal to the number of elected members. There is no one at the moment.