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ISAGA stands for International Simulation and Game Association. We are an international community of simulation game professionals with an interest in the science behind the scenes of games (in the meaning of learning games), simulations, and related methodologies. We were founded in the seventies.

Regularly updated! Also, join free webinars on diverse SG topics

We have an annual conference and summer school. Our ambitions are to give rise to online conferencing and online courses on game simulation, following the excellent examples of our Indore colleagues – please, see www.isaga2021.com/webinars. Our conferences are inviting and interesting to a broad community of scientists, game simulation professionals, and designers. The conferences are always informal and there is a low threshold to participate, ask questions, network and get what you came for. Have a look at the calendar in the news menu for the latest updates and events.

It is easy and low cost to become a member of this diverse and multidisciplinary community. Please visit https://members.isaga.net/

Have a look at the sources menu on the website where you can get inspiration from books, contributions of our members, and other material.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, email Marieke@isaga.net or Elena@isaga.net