Our Activities

ISAGA Conferences

The ISAGA conferences are open to all people interested in the domain of simulation and gaming. They are organized as annual meeting of the simulation and gaming communities from all across the globe. In its over 50 years of history, the conference travelled to almost every continent and visited more than 30 countries.

ISS 2022 in Stuttgart

ISAGA Summer Schools (ISS)

ISAGA Summer School’s mission is bringing the knowledge and practice of the simulation gaming to the community. In over 25 years, ISS were visited by many scholars and practitioners looking for high quality knowledge on game design and game-based research.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Our Special Interest Groups focus on specific topics and work on them in small groups of interested people. There are currently three active SIGs:
– SIG Facilitation: Meets twice a year, next dates you can find in the calendar.
– SIG Game Science
SIG Sustainability

ISAGA Newsletter

Our ISAGA newsletter regularly informs you every two to three months about what is happening in our community. You can register here.

ISAGA Webinars hosted by SVVV

The ISAGA webinar series started with the online ISAGA Conference 2021 in Indore, India. A series of great presentations emerged and is still continuing. It is organised by Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya University (SVVV).

ISAGA Simulation Gaming Competition (ISGC)

The ISAGA Simulation Gaming Competition is the opportunity to receive evaluations of participants’ games by worldwide professional game designers. All games will be really played by the reviewers, throughout discussions in debriefing and the Q&A session, and developers may get precious comments.