ISAGA Simulation and Gaming Competition (ISGC)

The ISAGA Simulation Gaming Competition is the opportunity to receive evaluations of participants’ games by worldwide professional game designers. All games will be really played by the reviewers, throughout discussions in debriefing and the Q&A session, and developers may get precious comments.

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Call for Participants 2023

Summary: We host Simulation and Gaming Competition for individuals or groups who wish to introduce your game to the ISAGA community. ISAGA will award excellent work.

Main Host: Asahikawa National Institute of Technology, Asahikawa

Venue: Zoom

Theme: Simulation gaming design to make future happiness


1) Group or individual including at least one ISAGA member or Local SAGA members

2) You have a game ready to play or plan to compile a new one by September 30.

3) Your game can be facilitated in English via Zoom (Reviewers are in the same room to help together.)

Submission & Inquiry

Contact to Organizational Committee Chair to reserve your quota by using Google form.

Important Date:

  • Entry Deadline: August 25
  • Notice of Acceptance: September 1
  • Competition dates: September 30 & October 1
  • Awarding Ceremony & Feedback: October 14


Enormous Games are made daily, but most of those works are individual efforts. Valuable game is also useful for a similar purpose, but there was no opportunity to introduce, appeal, and be authorized by Professionals. ISAGA Simulation Gaming Competition (ISGC) is a great chance to compare your game with other works, share know-how to develop a further own game and obtain constructive advice from ISAGA’s Professionals on the international stage.

The competition connects the participants and reviewers by Zoom. The reviewer’s panel is distinguished game designers famous in ISAGA Community. Participants facilitate their game to the reviewers within two hours.

Reviewers stay physically in the same location. They play the new game through online facilitation by the authors. They discuss game achievement from Simulation, Playability, and Creativity. They grade games, and excellent work is awarded under the name of ISAGA.

The result of Review will soon be noticed to the player group, and they revise the game, and two weeks after, they meet online. Every team makes a presentation and demonstration. While participating in ISGC, they can sense that the global game society member welcomes them and receive precious comments on their works.

To LOCALSAGA directors, please announce this fantastic opportunity to your members, students, and future developers. The translation is welcome.