ISAGA Simulation and Gaming Competition (ISGC)

The ISAGA Simulation Gaming Competition is the opportunity to receive evaluations of participants’ games by worldwide professional game designers. All games will be really played by the reviewers, throughout discussions in debriefing and the Q&A session, and developers may get precious comments.

ISGC2024 – 3rd ISAGA Simulation & Gaming Competition


Enormous Games are made daily, but most of those works are individual efforts. Valuable game is also useful for a similar purpose, but there was no opportunity to introduce, appeal, and be authorized by Professionals. ISAGA Simulation Gaming Competition (ISGC) is a great chance to compare your game with other works, share know-how to develop a further own game and obtain constructive advice from ISAGA’s Professionals on the international stage.

The competition connects the participants and reviewers by Zoom. The reviewer’s panel is distinguished game designers famous in ISAGA Community. Participants facilitate their game to the reviewers within two hours.

Reviewers stay physically in the same location. They play the new game through online facilitation by the authors. They discuss game achievement from Simulation, Playability, and Creativity. They grade games, and excellent work is awarded under the name of ISAGA.

Theme 2023: Simulation gaming design to make future happiness

We are very proud to announce the awardees of the ISGC2023:

Awards 2023


The Road to Happiness

Yulduz Alimova, Marcin Opas, Łukasz Więch

Players are working at same company but in different positions. One day, the company’s condition is no good, it decided to appoint you to form team, by focusing on one specified SDGs goal to contribute to the world, while keeping the actual company growth. Players will play three-steps collaborative work to merge SDGs and Company to make company and people happy.


Food Truck Game

Nakajima Kan, Lyon Bundo, and Shinnosuke Oyama

Players become an Entrepreneur to start the food truck business. They attend events and sell food or drinks. Event is time competition, and procurement is player’s decision, and result will be automatically calculated on Google Spread Sheet. Repeating the game for eight terms, the growth ratio is getting smaller and most players sense that there are limitation because of one person, one vehicle cannot extend.

Migrant crisis: accept reality or have kindness

Shimon Sakai

Players become the government officer that refugees come from the neighboring country. Anyone wish to accept more refugees, but if the number of refugees increase too much, it might cause the political balance between citizens and refugees.